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Wife Sharing 2020

Participant Wife 2020 720p HEVC k265-RMTeam

Version Size: 398 MB

Resolution: 1152×720

Duration: 1x27m19s

Number of frames per second: 24

Total data transfer rate: 622 Kbps

Video codec: hevc

Audio codec: AAC @ 128Kbps, CBR, 2CH, 44KHz

Source: 720p WebRip H264 AAC (5GB)

Sub-topic: N / A

Type: will

Country: South Korea

Source language: Korean

Na-kieong and Jeong-bin got married and soon fell in love with Hoon, who met her by chance and lives in two houses without her husband knowing. One day, unfortunately he discovers with Min, who is close to him, so Na-kieong introduces Hoon to Min-joo trying to hide the secret. And Na-kieong Jeong-bin’s husband, who met Min-joo, told Min-joo in shock

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