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Unknown Origins 2020

Madrid, 2019. A serial killer spreads chaos. Anonymous people with no apparent connection are murdered while impersonating the first appearance of the most famous superhero.
David Galn Galindo Author:
David Galn Galindo (script disabled), Fernando Navarro (script disabled) | There are no heroes. David, a young cop who recently moved to Madrid, is forced to work with Jorge Elas – a fun freak and comic book shop owner – to solve a series of brutal murders that recreate the secrets of the classic superhero origins. Each bizarre murder is a piece of a puzzle set in the streets of Madrid, but the full picture they cannot distinguish. Jorge’s encyclopedic knowledge of the comic world and his unexpected discovery of David’s dark past will be essential to help them solve the mystery hidden behind the gruesome crimes. The clues lead them through the Spanish capital, along a maze designed by a disturbed criminal mind and the only one who knows how to find a way out. Will they be able to solve the tangled chaos of clues and win the game against problematic criminals who are trying to manipulate them? They say that sometimes it is necessary to put on a suit and go out …

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