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The Very Excellent Mr Dundee 2020

Paul Hogan was reluctantly pushed back into the spotlight, while working hard to restore his desolate reputation on Knights Night.
Author: Dean Murphy:
Robert Mond, Dean Murphy Stars:
Luke Bracey, Mel Gibson, Luke Hemsworth | Australian icon Paul Hogan just wants a quiet life. She lives in Brentwood, California, is happy with her retirement, is happy with crossword puzzles every day, and always gets calls from Lucy, her ten-year-old granddaughter in Sydney. Therefore, when his agent showed up to tell him that he accepted a gentleman for the comedy service, he was less impressed with this imposition and, according to his agent, turned down the offer. Paul tries to get back to his quiet life, but Lucy screams; he happily tells the kids at his new school that Grandpa has an offer as a gentleman. They laughed at him. What? Paul realizes that he needs to get Knightood to help him save his reputation. After many pleas and supplications, his agent refused to agree to call the palace. The knight revives. However, over the next six weeks, the Hogan brand was really surprised. While they always strive to do the right thing and save their rapidly declining reputation, life opposes it together. He is …

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