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An easy way to transfer SHAREit files is to send pictures, music, etc. to other devices without using an active Internet or Bluetooth connection. This free program uses personal coverage to share between five devices. While many alternatives provide similar services, this application removes the transfer restriction. You can submit data from all forms and free applications that have many (function () {(‘review-applications-page-desktop’);}); By downloading SHAREit, you will come across some ads and extra features that you may not have expected. You can play games, discover popular music, access your library of gifs and stickers and stream videos, among other things. This shared focus affects the quality of the main purpose of this application: file sharing. This application may lack functionality, but is compatible. You can run SHAREit on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. SHAREit really stands out here. It connects all the different platforms and ensures that they work together harmoniously. There are problems connecting various devices. The program also supports multiple connections at the same time. You can share the same file with up to five devices at the same time. It works, although every brand is different. Surprisingly, it can reach up to 20MB / when transferred via Wi-Fi. It is more than 200 times faster than a Bluetooth connection. No transfer limit If you’ve ever tried to email a large file, you may see a message about a size limit. These restrictions are available on many platforms. For example, you can share information similar to WhatsApp, but the transfer amount is up to 16MB. SHAREit has no size limit, so feel free to send as many files as you want. Maintain the quality of the original file Other applications repeatedly reduce the quality of the transfer to save space. However, this application is true to the original specifications of each file. Sending 320 kb / numbers to your phone will keep the numbers the same throughout the process. If you need to submit important documents or photos, SHAREit is your best choice. Problems with older devices Most modern hardware can handle these applications well. However, older operating systems and devices can be complex. For example, SHAREit for Windows XP has problems and cannot maintain a stable connection. It also works better with Android. This is because Windows contributions will later be more compatible with other operating systems as a whole. There are also issues when you try to send something to your iPad or iPhone. This device has a strict operating system and it takes a while to set up. If you skip one or two steps, you’ll have to start over. No internet connection required. One of the best aspects of this application is that it does not require an internet connection. You only need one device and wireless coverage to share files. It’s easy to set up and you choose to transfer the file exactly what you want to share and hit the send button. SHAREit PCversion is the fastest way to create points. You can listen to music, stream videos, play with the file manager and play some unique games. althoughthey are not related to the main function of SHAREits, you can still use them every day. The file manager is simple and precise. You can use it to navigate to the information stored on your phone and look for anything inappropriate or unnecessary. The SHAREit cleaner function is quite simple, but it is limited to files unrelated to the application or program you are installing. It is also effective on mobile devices and usually useless on Windows or Mac. There is a built-in music player with organized playlists and tens of millions of songs. While the variation may not be compatible with Spotify, it is a useful addition to the application. However, it works offline, so you can also transfer files in airplane mode by entering your favorite songs. Great video player. This feature stands out in this universal commercial application. It supports all current formats and offers the possibility to download files and view them later. Yes, just like the music player, it has offline mode. The transfer speed is slightly slower when performing many tasks with this function. Remote file management Another interesting feature of this application is the ability to track information on other devices while using your mobile phone or tablet. This is great if you are in a different room and need to take important photos or documents from your computer. The interface with the SHAREit ad infection is full of advertisements. In many cases, your screen consists of 80% advertising and 20% application. With simple alternatives such as a clean and user-friendly interface similar to Airdroid, it is very disappointing. If this program aims to simplify the process, advertising will have a negative impact in the long run. Most of the latest free apps have ads that you can activate to generate income. It’s easy because you choose when you’re good with short interruptions. But SHAREit makes your ads simple. This application stands out for its simplicity, variety of tools and fast transfer. It is also suitable for various types of files. Installation is quick and easy, either through the SHAREit apk or through the official installer. While the interface is tedious and full of ads, it is not complicated or too confusing. In the latest update, the developer added a chat feature that allows you to chat with friends while sharing files. You can also send your favorite apps directly to your friends. There is also a console accessible in SHAREit to manage a PowerPoint presentation on PC and Mac.

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