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HWIDGEN v0.9.1.1 (Windows 10 Activator) - SeuPirate

Generate digital licenses (HWID) without KMS or pre-installation / upgrade

In Windows 10, all systems, regardless of how they were activated (either by upgrading to Windows 7, or through a purchased reseller, or embedded BIOS, also known as an MSDM license), will be converted to a digital license based on HWID appropriate machine. This license is stored on MS servers and activates this machine when it is reinstalled. Only hardware changes will void the License. When you link it to a Microsoft account (MSA), you can transfer it in the latter case.

The process only needs to be performed once per machine. In subsequent settings, simply ignore the key prompts (select “I do not have a product key” during setup), and when you first contact MS Server online, it will view the HWID and allow activation automatically.

NOTE: When a VLSC or MVS Business ISO volume license is installed, a standard retail / OEM key must be entered to restore activation.

In fact, it is very simple and does not interfere with any system files and key leaks (stolen * errrm).

Ticket creation has been duly improved for each edition of the MS SKU, so the following manual method applies to all of them. An automated method has also been included to facilitate activation and works with all editions of the MS SKU and has been developed specifically for the following:

Supported versions of Windows 10 (SKU):

Core (for home) (N)

CoreSingleLanguage (N)

Professional (N)

Vocational education (N)

Professional workstation (N)

Education (N)

Company (N)

EnterpriseS (N)


CRC32: 7FF5D4A8

MD5: 004FB289BB62686F6EF597922838FA7A

SHA-1: AE86149DDB2CB5524E595E0312D7FF20885B4E58

Overall virus result: 3/64: # / file / d69e8ef9f38ec5281aae05c1b1cb8c9b6689759aec0135c5376d5bf33b703d92 / detection


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