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In the 1800s in England, a young woman with a good sense of humor but who became selfish became involved in a romantic relationship with her friends.
Autumn de Wilde Authors:
Eleanor Catton (screen shot by), Jane Austen (based on the novel by) Stars:
Anya Taylor-Joy, Johnny Flynn, Jane Austen’s favorite Mia Goth comedy about the same and the best ending. Emma Woodhouse is beautiful, insightful and wealthy, and a troubled queen bee with no opponents in her sleepy little town. In this radiant satire of social class and growing pain, Emma must identify through inappropriate matches and romantic mistakes in order to find the love that was always there.

A young Chinese girl pretends to be a male hero in order to save her father.
Authors by Niki Caro:
Rick Jaffa (film actor), Amanda Silver (brainwashed for) | A young Chinese girl pretends to be a male hero in order to save her father.

1930s Hollywood is being rediscovered through the eyes of violent and alcoholic social critic Herman J. Mankiewicz as he fights for the Citizen Kane Show (1941).
Author David Fincher:
Jack Fincher (plays with) Stars:
Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried and Lily Collins 1940. RKO film studio hires the extravagant child Orson Welles, 24, under a contract that gives him full control over his films. For his first film, he invites drunken Herman J Mankiewicz to write the film. The movie is “Citizen Kane” and this is the story as written.

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