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Code Ava: Trained to Kill 2020

Ava is a deadly killer who works for the Black Ops organization and travels the world specializing in celebrity relationships. When the work goes dangerously wrong, she must fight for her own survival.
Tate Taylor Writer:
Matthew Newton stars:
Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich, Common | Deadly beautiful and incredibly effective at her dangerous work, Ava, a silent lonely wolf and cold-blooded killer, begins to develop a conscience. After conquering her alcohol and drug addiction with the help of Duke, her fearful death mentor and father figure, the increasingly unstable Ava allows guilt to get in the way of closing her “offers” and draws unwanted attention through protocol. violate. As a result, Ava was reunited after a bottom-up attempt to resolve an important case with her estranged family after a lengthy eight-year absence, unaware that she had just signed a death warrant. With Ava trying to sort out old issues and connect with her loved ones, every killer in the industry is behind her. Can Ava trust Duke to support his back?

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