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Bill & Teds verrckte Reise durch 1989

Two seemingly stupid teenagers set out to prepare a historical final presentation using a time machine.
Stephen Herek
Chris Matheson, Ed Solomon Stars:
Keanu Reeves, Alec Winter, George Carlin In the small town of San Dimas, a few miles from Los Angeles, there are two nearly dead teenagers named Bill C, Preston ESC. and Ted Theodore Logan dream together of forming their rock and roll band “Wild Stallins.” Unfortunately, they are still in high school and are on the verge of not attending school, and if they do not submit their future history report, they will be divorced because of Ted’s father, who sent him to military school. But Bill and Ted don’t know they have to stay together to save the future. So, a future man named Rufus came to send their report to them. So both Bill and Ted decided to gather the historical figures needed for their report. They hope this will help them pass on the report so they can stay together.

The tyrant from the future creates the evil android twins Bill and Ted and sends them back to eliminate the originals.
Peter Hewitt (as Pete Hewitt) Writers:
Chris Matheson (characters), Ed Solomon (characters) The world of our distant future is a real utopia, thanks to the words of two 20th century frivolous rock and roller skaters, Bill S. Preston, Esc. and Ted “Theodore” Logan. However, the potential conqueror threatens to destroy history by sending the “most disgusting” evil robot, Bill and Ted, to kill their good colleagues. After learning that they are dead, the boys must trick the gloomy cleaner and cross Heaven and Hell to return to the land of the living, save their “fragments” and give the “most victorious” concert in the group’s most important battle.

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